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Keep your family safe around hot water install a Rinnai Infinity continuous flow hot water system
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Everyone loves the luxury of a hot bath, but when you have a young family there is always a need to take extra care around hot water. The statistics tell the story in Australia more than 1200 children under the age of five are hospitalised each year as a result of hot water scalds.

Rinnai has come up with a solution to help prevent this occurrence. With the Infinity V-Series range of continuous flow gas hot water heaters, you can control the temperature of the water to safeguard against the possibility of scalding.

Rinnai says enforced legislation now restricts water temperatures in the bathrooms of new and renovated homes to 50°C, but older homes with traditional water tanks frequently store water at a minimum of 60°C. At this temperature it takes barely five seconds for a child to receive third-degree burns.

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close up of the Rinnai system

With the temperature controls available with the Infinity system, you can experience all the benefits of a continuous flow hot water system, and provide a safe hot water solution for your family.

Positioned out of reach of children, Rinnai's control pads enable you to pre-set each family member's desired water temperature. You can nominate precise temperatures suitable for young children. For example, a newborn baby would bathe at about 37°C, toddlers would bathe at approximately 40°C and adults at anything up to 43°C. You can also rest assured that dangerous fluctuations in water temperature are eliminated should another tap be turned on elsewhere in the house.

For added peace of mind, Rinnai backs the Infinity series with a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger. If you install two or more controllers, Rinnai will extend the parts and labour warranty from three to five years.

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View of a bathtub with kids in it

For more information, call the Rinnai Helpline, phone 13 14 19. Website:

Aug 23, 2004
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