Cause we all need somewhere to relax after work....or just because we feel like it!

The most amazing bath I have ever seen...

Loop shower in a circle. Can't help but think you'd spend some time mopping up the water splashes.

Wow, what an incredible chandelier over the tub! Looks to be the perfect place for a serene bubble bath

my inner Italian country girl is jumping up and down right now! There is not a single thing in this bathroom i dont like

of gray maybe...penthouse bathroom

I love wood ....hence I love this bath

yes please...anytime! Outdoor bathtub

How awesome would this wall decal be in your bathroom? I am loving the wall art and that bathtub!

i am not sure if this qualifies as a bath but i am loving it

where do i sign up for one of these.... his and hers unique bath!

Wood: Checked! Tiles: Checked i am just not sure about size of this sink but other than that i declare my love towards this bathroom

the fact that i can lay down and take a shower is soooo exciting! I am not sure about this transparency business but hey...


Definitely and idea to play with and yes there is wood again

Story by: Trendsideas

10 Nov, 2015