Reinvented sawtooth-roof building needed custom window solution

Working with a restored, 1960s industrial building, and its need for seismic strengthening, Canterbury Aluminium created individual window solutions throughout

Window solutions from Fairview Systems optimise natural light, ceiling, daylighting, headquarters, real estate, gray, black
Window solutions from Fairview Systems optimise natural light, thermal integrity and seismic resistance on this reinvented industrial building.

Some commercial fenestration projects are straightforward and require a standard response, while others are more tricky requiring a custom approach for every single frame set in place. The refenestration of the 1960s Treffers building in Christchurch part of its restoration and transformation was undertaken by one of Fairview Systems' fabricators, Canterbury Aluminium, with the advanced window solutions supplied by Fairview Systems. Calder Stewart was the developer and main contractor. The run-down industrial building had been through an earthquake, before being stripped back to its bare steel work and then raised 700m.

The renovation has retained the heritage look of the building while inserting a mix of New York-style lofts for office and business use. The sawtooth roof building renamed The Works now features roof lights made up with Fairview Commercial 40mm and 150mm seismic frames, while the Low E glass specified provides excellent energy efficiency. The Low E glass was chosen to allow for open and airy spaces within The Works, while managing the thermal envelope of the building.

The large format double glazed windows with seismic frames add drama to the rejuvenated building while the raking window design has been used to complement the distinctive sawtooth roof.

Every window required a custom solution on this architecture, ceiling, daylighting, interior design, real estate, roof, gray, black
Every window required a custom solution on this commercial renovation and transformation project.

Positive structure was added at window lines to ensure lower maintenance requirements in the future. This also reduces the risk of leaks forming during the life of the building following movement, as the result of seismic movement, for example.

There were complexities to be overcome with the renovation, such as addressing the redesign and building tolerances from an old structure. Crucially, every window on the job had to be site-measured to fit a building structure that was not 100% square or plumb, due to the intricate mixture of the existing and new steel structure.

Close coordination with the engineers and structural contractors was key to enabling the installation of the high level large window frames without compromising on the structural integrity of either the building or the windows.

Having been through an earthquake, this restored sawtooth-roofed architecture, building, city, condominium, estate, facade, home, house, mixed use, neighbourhood, plant, property, real estate, residential area, sky, suburb, tree, woody plant, teal
Having been through an earthquake, this restored sawtooth-roofed building has new windows supplied by Fairview Systems and installed by Canterbury Aluminium.

For further details on Fairview Systems, phone (09) 574 2900. Email: info@fairviewgroup.co.nz, or visit the web: www.fairviewwindows.co.nz

For more on fabricator Canterbury Aluminium, phone: (03) 388 5207. Email: canterbury@xtra.co.nz, or go to the web: www.canterburyaluminium.co.nz

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19 Dec, 2016

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