The interiors of this home connect emotionally with the owner – rich local material choices, light play and engineering wizardry all play their part in an interior design that leads you forward by the senses

Interiors by: Taras Wolf, Wolf Architects; Penny del Castillo, In Design International

The interiors respond directly to the homeowner’s brief for robust, but elegantly grand, and fully utilises the volumes of space crafted by the architect, with the use of high-quality materials, both natural and synthetic, ensuring durability and longevity.

The desire for longevity and performance matched with beauty, required an intricate specification of materials to meet all criteria. Above all else however, we were engaged to evoke a sense of intimacy, peace and tranquility within the mansion walls, and a strong modern ambience without the home feeling extreme or futuristic.

Responding to today's market yearning for deeper emotional connections, the owner was clear on how she wanted the interior to feel rightfrom the outset. Set this task, we delivered via materiality, colour, lighting, texture, proportion, and the functional aspects of how the spaces flow seamlessly. 

The use of luxury engineered products was a design challenge, with both the kitchen island bench and powder room vanity, constructed from heavy porcelain slabs, requiring structural engineering to either sit on minimal supports, or cantilever altogether.

The end result however, is a sense of space, allowing the eye to travel, and view these products from all angles.

The interiors blur the line between inside and out, while establishing private spaces where required. Through clever use of architectural forms and thoughtful material choices, we have produced a home filled with hard finishes which appear soft, fixed materials which appear to move and solid materials which appear to float.

The home’s verdant gardens, luxurious smooth surfaces and understated artistic lighting are reminiscent of cascading water – represents the peace and tranquility our homeowner requested.

There was also a unanimous intent and passion to use Australian design and made product where possible, thus contributing to and sustaining the local design industry.

Australian designed and manufactured key feature pieces endorse our local industry’s ability to remain at the top of their game. High quality materials were chosen in part for their to ethical production, low environment impact and sustainability.

The home is an excellent example of intelligent, common sense principles being used to dictate the design. Every interior aesthetic element has been crafted to contribute towards emotional gratification, and grandeur without ostentation.

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Credit list

Architect/Interior design
Leone Constructions
Laguna Pools
Main flooring
Engineered timber flooring – stained to match Feathers Otto
Bathroom tiles
Master ensuite – Slimtech Concreto in Signorino
Dulux – Monument and Lexicon
Real Frame
Living area furniture
Globe West sofa; Loom armchair by Franco Poli; bespoke rug by Rug Establishment; coffee tables by Poru; accessories by Boyd Blue
Piano room lamp by DeDeCe; piano room mirror from Space; piano room sofa Moroso from Hub; piano room coffee table by Mark Tuckey; bespoke bed in master bedroom by In Design International; master bedroom bedside tables by Satara ; yoga room artwork by Isamu Sawa; yoga room rug by Jenny Jones; yoga room armchair by James Richardson; dining room rug by ArtHide; outdoor furniture by Cosh Living & Parterre
Nathan Burkett Landscapes
Dekton 'Radium' to front entry door
Bedroom flooring
Feltex Godfrey Hirst carpet – design: Modern Living; colour, Shadow
Master bedroom – Handwoven bark cloth Arte wallpaper; 2nd bedroom – Sienna Arte wallpaper, both from Unique Fabrics
General heating
Feature light fittings
Christopher Boots pendants in entry, hall, dining room, master bedroom
Dining table and chairs
Table – bespoke collaboration by In Design International and Franco Crea; Mila chairs by Franco Crea
Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) Homes – Winner

Story by: Australia TIDA Homes

Photography by: Damien Kook

10 Jan, 2021

For more than 30 years, Trends has promoted great home design ideas through its print, digital and online media.The Trends International Design Awards – TIDAs – take that involvement to the next level with the search for the best kitchens, bathrooms and homes across a number of the countries where Trends has a presence.

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