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Setting the scene is important for any entertainment venue. To enhance your home theatre decor, check out the woven Axminster carpets from Feltex

view of the maroon alchemy carpet area, blue, design, line, magenta, pattern, purple, red, textile, red
view of the maroon alchemy carpet

Entertainment venues are all about having fun and this is reflected in their decor. Glittering surfaces and brightly patterned carpets enhance the air of excitement and anticipation you feel when you walk through the doors.

It's a look you can re-create in your home theatre, thanks to a special line of woven Axminster carpets from Feltex. The carpets, including several from the Viva range, feature bright, eye-catching colours and patterns and have been designed especially for theatres and casinos.

Feltex general manager of commercial sales and marketing Wendy McCarrison-Wilson says although these are commercial carpets, several lines are now available in small quantities, making them suitable for use in homes.

"We have had an increasing demand for the type of custom-designed carpets people see in commercial venues," she says. "Homeowners are telling us they want their home theatres to convey the same sense of fun and excitement."

view of deep blue patterned carpet angle, area, blue, cobalt blue, design, electric blue, floor, light, line, pattern, purple, space, blue
view of deep blue patterned carpet

McCarrison-Wilson says the carpets' durability is another bonus they are an 80/20 mix of wool and nylon, which makes them particularly hard-wearing.

"They are designed for commercial traffic, yet being a full-cut carpet, they are also very soft under foot. The carpets are not tufted, but are woven using traditional weaving techniques, combined with modern technology."

McCarrison-Wilson says the carpets are also good for the acoustics of a home theatre, as they help ensure sound doesn't bounce off hard surfaces.

Carpets featured here include Alchemy, in a maroon-and-blue pattern, Oxygen, in warm red, and Incite, a blue carpet with a retro pattern.

view of the lounge and Woven Axminister carpet architecture, ceiling, daylighting, floor, home, house, interior design, lighting, living room, purple, room, wall, blue
view of the lounge and Woven Axminister carpet from feltex

Feltex can also manufacture carpets with customised designs or custom colours to suit your own preferences or home decor, although there is a minimum length requirement.

For information or details of your nearest distributor, contact Feltex, freephone 0800 100 008. Email: woven@feltex.com. Website: www.feltexwoven.com.

Story by: Trendsideas

26 Nov, 2004