Raising the benchmark

With its high-tech services and innovative environmental design, Brindabella Business Park heralds the workplace of the future

view of the raised access flooring architecture, ceiling, daylighting, daytime, floor, glass, light, line, structure, white, teal
view of the raised access flooring

Having ready access to cabling and services is vital for any company today thanks to business expansion and the frequent need to update technology.

To accommodate this requirement in 14 & 16 Brindabella Circuit, 11,000m² of raised access flooring from ASP Access Floors was specified. It was installed by Canberra-based agent Group Konstruckt.

ASP Access Floors general manager Neville Thorogood says the UP800-SF-CF Bare Panel system was selected for its strength, which exceeds that required by Standards Australia for general office floors. This panel offers a higher rolling load for the same cost as standard systems, he says.

"The standard rolling load is 2.5Kn, while this system provides 3.8Kn. This provides a particularly strong floor and a stable work platform, which also increases the longevity of the floor."

view of the raised access flooring architecture, daylighting, glass, structure, teal, white
view of the raised access flooring

Thorogood says ASP Access Floors are also designed to be quiet to walk upon.

"A common fault with large-area access floors is the noise caused by the panels tightening and clicking when the panel is deflected. This is caused by the expansion of steel in the panel due to temperature changes within the building. ASP Access Floors incorporate a special corner-edge and neoprene pedestal head gaskets to ensure that the panel edges will not touch and click."

Thorogood says the neoprene gaskets isolate the metal components of the upper floor from the lower floor components, ensuring noise is not transmitted down through the steel to the lower floor. This means noises cannot be transmitted longitudinally to other offices on the same level.

"The gasket also cushions the floor plate, making the floor softer under-foot than the normal system," he says.

view of the raised access flooring architecture, daylighting, glass, structure, teal, white
view of the raised access flooring

Group Konstruckt director Chris Demajo says meeting a tight timeframe was a major challenge for the team installing the floor.

"The company quickly mobilised an enthusiastic team of specialists and worked seven days a week to complete the installation in just 54 days. This included the loading of material, the manufacture of ramps and steps, and the removal of recycled packing and off cuts in a record time."

For more details, contact ASP Access Floors, phone (02) 9620 9915, fax (02) 9620 9918. Or visit the website: www.aspfloors.com.au.

For installation details, contact Group Konstrukt, phone (02) 6241 1590, fax (02) 6254 0751.

Story by: Trendsideas

01 Apr, 2005