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BainUltra delivers a bathing experience second to none
View of contemporary tub. angle, bathroom sink, bathtub, plumbing fixture, product design, sink, gray, white
View of contemporary tub.

It is one of life's wry quirks that rather than free us from our bonds, advances in technology have actually served to increase the amount of work we're able to achieve in a day.

While we may not have unlimited free time, we can choose quality over quantity when it comes to relaxation.

"For 30-plus years, BainUltra has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of its customers through an integrated line of products designed to improve their health and well-being right in their own homes," says Julie Metras, advertising and public relations manager for BainUltra.

"With the pace of life constantly accelerating, BainUltra has a suggestion: slow down and make a conscious effort to live more harmoniously. It is our mission to help improve your physical, emotional, mental and energy fulfillment with experiential products you can use every day."

View of contemporary tub. angle, bathroom sink, bathtub, plumbing fixture, product design, sink, gray, white
View of contemporary tub.

One of the company's innovations is the thermomasseur bath collection, which combines multiple therapies in one product. Hydro-thermo massage®, chromatherapy, aromatherapy and sound therapy® all contribute to elevate bathing into a rejuvenating ritual, says Metras.

"Inua is the latest evolution in the BainUltra line of therapeutic bathtubs, and continues the wellness commitment established by earlier models, while making comfort even more of a priority.

"By combining the action of the air jets and ergonomically designed inverted-V backrest with the therapeutic comfort cushion, Inua provides a back massage guaranteed to revitalize you through enhanced circulation and elimination of toxins for a relaxed body and mind."

The Inua bath is the first to offer the therapeutic comfort cushion. Made from memory foam, the cushion is not only comfortable, it adjusts perfectly to your individual shape," says Metras.

View of contemporary tub. angle, bathtub, floor, jacuzzi, plumbing fixture, product design, sink, black
View of contemporary tub.

"The ultra resistant polyurethane construction means the cushion is fully waterproof, soft to the touch and durable, offering unsurpassed comfort every time. Magnets ensure the cushion is always held securely in place, but also allow for easy removal when cleaning the bath.

"Also, the tub's attractive design, with its gentle curves and welcoming shape, are an invitation for relaxation."

The Inua therapeutic bath forms part of the BainUltra insperience bathroom concept for total relaxation and wellness.

For further details, contact BainUltra, phone tollfree 1866 344 4515. Or visit the website: www.bainultra.com.

Mar 30, 2012
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