The weather's heating up, so you might be thinking about taking a dip. But first you need to get your pool sorted. We're here to remind you of all the necessary steps to rejuvenate your pool

Let's make the most of your pool this leisure, swimming pool, water, blue
Let's make the most of your pool this summer. See more of this home and it's incredible pool

If your home has a pool, chances are it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves over the colder months.

We don’t blame you – but with summer rapidly approaching, now’s the best time to get your pool looking crystal clear again.

Here's your reminder.

Let's get your pool clean first. Scoop any leaves and debris up and take them out of the pool. Turn the filter on and scrub the surfaces of the pool to get any remaining dirt and algae off.

Then vacuum the pool to pick up anything not collected by the filter. After this, clear the skimmer box of all the gunk the filter’s picked up.

It's unlikely your pool will look this clean after uncovering it for the first time in a while. But it will soon!

Maintenance follows. 

Check your pool pump is still working – you’ll know it is if water is flowing through the filter freely. 

Then check the pressure of the sand filter, which you may need to backwash if too high.

You should ideally backwash once a month whenever the pool is frequently used.

There are a lot of options for chemical hardware, product, product design, white
There are a lot of options for chemical pool cleaning, such as the MagnaPool system – which boasts fewer chemicals and potential health benefits. It pays to do your research before choosing what system works best for you

Now you’ll need to add chemicals to your pool. Everyone knows chlorine disinfects pools – but if that’s not strong enough, pool shocking uses more concentrated chlorine for a stronger clean. 

We’d recommend this if you’re trying to bring your pool back to life.

Stabiliser will prolong the life of chlorine and algaecide will ensure any lingering algae not removed by chlorine is eliminated.

Once you’re sure everything’s in working order, it’s time to test the pool water. Grab a pool testing kit and make sure the chemical levels are balanced and suitable for swimming.

Now you're good to go. Have fun and make a splash this summer!

For all your essential pool care products (for instance from Austral) visit your local Pool shop.

Or if swimming pools aren't your thing, check out Galaxy Spas.

Story by: Loukas Tsitsiridakis

08 Oct, 2018

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