Pool fun isn't new, but easy pool upkeep is

While your pool is a fresh joy every day, pool upkeep – through modern technologies – has gone from arduous to easy. Find companies offering the latest and best options on the NZ Pool Industry Association website 

The world of swimming pool maintenance has changed forever – spelling great news for pool owners. Here are some examples.

Pool cleaners 

There are three key reasons to clean your pool regularly – these are 1/enhance its appearance; 2/ to ensure safe sanitation, and 3/ to protect the quality of your investment. But long poles and hoses and lots of elbow grease are no longer required to achieve this. Enter the world of pool cleaning robots that just get on with it. Energy efficient and easy to use they just make life easier.

Pool management

Gone are the days that your mixing of chemicals ends up either with at best clean water or at worst a representation of a biology experiment gone wrong. An automated system gets the balance just right whether it's a fresh water or saltwater pool and in many cases can be operated from your smart phone. There are even chlorinators that use your pool’s salt water to automatically generate chlorine to kill germs, ensuring the water is safe to swim in. 

Pumps and filters

Pumps and filters aren't new, but super efficient 2022 versions offer vastly improved reliability, efficiency and even ease of use when compared to mechanisms of old.

Spend your time playing, not maintaining

These are four of many pool companies offering modern pool maintenance solutions – access them here or explore your wider options on the NZ Pool Industry Association website. Most companies listed also supply trade – all companies on the website are thoroughly scrutinised and highly reputable.

Poolside North Shore – offering a wide range of chemicals, accessories and parts for all types of pool systems and auto cleaners, together with hands-on service.

Bioguard – offering a wide range of labour-saving pool products and chemicals in New Zealand and Australia

Dolphin Pacific – a thriving, no-nonsense Auckland company all about great people, great products and great service, or as they say 'Poolcare made simple'.

Zodiac – pool cleaners, salt chlorinators, chemical feeding systems

Filtermaster – top quality pool and spa equipment, New Zealand owned

Hot Water Heat Pumps – advanced water heat pump technology, also New Zealand owned

Paramount Pools – extensive range, including popular Poolquip Products

This is not a complete list of the pool-associated companies offering modern pool upkeep solutions available on the NZ Pool Association website – but they are a great place to start if you want to spend your time playing and not maintaining.

Head online to the NZ Pool Industry Association website and see the wider range of highly experienced, highly reliable pool-related companies that make lives easier for New Zealand pool owners across the country.

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30 Jan, 2022

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