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Transform your living room wall into a high-performance projection screen with Screen Goo from Livingstone Audio
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Home theatre trends are moving beyond integration with the home's interior. Today, home owners want equipment that is almost invisible.

With Screen Goo there are no bulky screens hanging on your wall. The specifically formulated, highly reflective acrylic paint is brushed or rolled on your living room wall for a ready-made screen.

Affordable and easy to use, Screen Goo allows the homeowner to create a high-performance screen of any shape or size, says Alex Leong from Livingstone Audio.

View of screen goo product, white
View of screen goo

Screen Goo is available in CRT White, Digital Grey or Digital Grey Lite. It is ideal for use with DLP and LCD projectors to achieve better colour fidelity and black levels, with good gain and minimal hot spotting. A special coating is also available for rear projection set-ups.

Screen Goo is applied in the same way as most paints - two base coats, followed by two topcoats. It is recommended to start with a primed white surface.

"Screen Goo is thicker than normal paint and dries quickly. Take care to avoid banding or visibly overlapping lines, Leong says."

View of screen goo product, white
View of screen goo

For the ultimate in "invisible" home theatre, Livingstone retails Sound Advance speakers. These can be hidden in the wall cavity or in the ceiling. In-ceiling speakers can be painted to blend into any decor.

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Dec 07, 2004
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