Luxury may be an over used word but it more than applies to this arresting, fit-for-a-queen private home interior by Studio Marco Piva

Interior design by Studio Marco Piva (SMP)

From the designer:

The interior design project by Studio Marco Piva for this private home, located in the heart of Padua with a panoramic view of the entire city, emphasises the existing spaces and highlights the historical character of the Art Nouveau architecture of the building.

The aim of the project was to develop a functional continuity between the architecture and the interior design, in accord with the requirements of the owner who wanted to create a refined and elegant home environment, one that is contemporary yet complements the monumental features of the building with the pre-existing works of art and furnishings that the owners wanted to retain.

In line with the building's architectural features, some emblematic elements have also been reproduced inside, such as the imposing doors.

These have have been enhanced with large glass panels, and double height proportions to create an osmotic dialogue with the outside and give the house a luxurious and monumental character, perfectly integrated into its surroundings.

The result is an exclusive home, whose cladding and finishes have been completely custom designed, featuring detailed bespoke elements in all the rooms.

These elements include the use of precious materials such as marble – carefully redesigned and reinterpreted both on the surfaces and on the cladding – through to the metals used both to accentuate the approach imposed by the architecture and to highlight the contrast between the various materials.

The latter includes the wood and glass finishes which, combined with the lighting system, create spectacular plays of light and shadow.

As regards bespoke design, an important collaboration has begun with Lualdi which, in addition to undertaking a careful study of the finishes, has also created all the tailor-made doors and wood panelling, as well as the elevator cabin.

The wall and door partition system, for example, has been entirely covered in leather in order to integrate aesthetically with the surrounding environment.

Research into colour played a key role in the development of the design, favouring a varied and sophisticated colour range, where neutral tones alternate with brightly coloured, highlighting these contrasting effects in the individual spaces.

A contributing factor was the careful selection of furnishings by the homeowner, whose desire was to maintain and preserve certain elements from the previous home, which were then incorporated into the Studio's interior design.

The house has four floors, with large, interconnected rooms.

The entry

Right from the entrance, the house reveals the quest for elegant beauty, with a setting that encompasses comfort, style and hospitality, embellished by a luxury expressed through the materials and finishes.

Large backlit metal framed Honey Onyx panels circumscribe the room, while marble floors with metal joints pace out the room and highlight the leather upholstery with metal inserts.

In the middle of the room, a striking box lift gives access to the upper floors.

The living area

The living area, on the upper floor, features double height ceilings that emphasise its grandness. The room is loaded with historical pieces chosen by the owner that integrate in a natural and balanced way with the contemporary elements selected by Studio Marco Piva and the existing furnishings.

A striking bioethanol marble fireplace warms the room and gives intimacy to the space, which is designed for both family and guests.

Refined marbles, elegant fabrics and fluted wood combine to create a prestigious and exclusive ambience.

Wine cellar

On the same floor, a custom-designed wine cellar has strong visual impact. This is made of a backlit Honey Onyx panel enhanced by a Champagne metal frame, which creates visual continuity with the entrance on the lower floor.

The kitchen and dining area

On the same level, the dining area is clean and essential, opening up with a Brown Onyx Show Kitchen which is directly connected to the dining room. Behind this area there is also a working kitchen, which combines aesthetics with efficient performance. 

The master bedroom and master ensuite

On the upper floor, the master bedroom is also characterised by a refined elegance, the result of using different materials, always based on custom designs, including silk-effect fabrics in the headboard, woods and marbles.

These are combined on the floor to create a visual continuity between the sleeping area and the private bathroom, where the marbles dominate the entire room.

A dramatic bathtub completes the master suite, delineating the area set aside for relaxation.

Each bathroom in the house features a different type of marble, so different finishes and sanitary fittings were chosen in accordance with the owner’s requirements for each and the desired effect. Marble choices include White Beauty, Patagonia, and Invisible Grey.

Other spaces

In addition to the master bedroom, there are three other private rooms, each featuring different combinations of materials and each with an en suite bathroom, to accommodate family members and guests.

Plus, a majestic and scenic staircase, custom designed by SMP, interconnects the 3 floors.

Lastly, on the top floor, access to the terrace is via a glass skylight that can be opened with a very technologically advanced sliding system which opens and closes totally automatically.

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Credit list

Interior design

Designed by: Studio Marco Piva

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Beppe Raso

26 Sep, 2021

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