One metre to the power of four

A timber warehouse is repurposed by D/DOCK for its own dynamic creative studio – mixed use thinking and biophilic principles played their part

Designed by D/DOCK

From the creative studio:

DB55 is a former timber warehouse in the Houthavens Amsterdam, imaginatively re-purposed for D/DOCK, a creative studio of thought leaders and design pioneers, including architects, engineers, designers, strategists, and developers.

D/DOCK's international team of experts based the design of TDB55 around four main pillars.


DB55 is a place for work, leisure, events, and sports, and even includes a children's playground. 

In this blended venue, every square metre is used four times – meaning 1,100m² gets the value of 4,400m². 

For maximum flexibility, D/DOCK kept the free height of the building largely intact, avoided using screws or glue wherever possible, and placed plants and furniture on wheels.


DB55 is a circular building where the supply determines the design. 

The floor finish comes from former trains and wooden planks that served as roof boarding for homes. 

The concrete and glass walls were recycled, and all of the lighting was obtained from overstocked products, run-outs, or re-furbished pieces. 

Tiling used in the sanitary areas was sourced from bankruptcy leftovers, and the audio-visual and kitchen equipment are all secondhand, as is 70% of the furniture.

From the inside out

D/DOCK designed DB55 from the inside out, based on the users' needs. 

Thus, they created facade openings where daylight and views are needed, different from where one would expect them to be based on the facade design. 

Connection with nature, sunlight, visibility, and people ensures an improved working environment and cross-pollination between the users of this blended venue. 


Designed from a biophilic perspective, D/DOCK created an organic building attuned to the human scale, enhancing the connection between nature and people. 

The lightweight roof, abundant daylight, and large glass entrance door allow for experiencing changing seasons and weather conditions. 

Moreover, the integral design of natural elements, such as lots of greenery, ecological materials, and natural shapes and tones, strengthens the connection with our natural environment.

Credit list

DB55 Amsterdam
Structural design
Werkraum Ingenieure
Circular supplier
Green architect
Makers of Sustainable Spaces
D/DOCK Projects

Designed by: D/DOCK

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Niels Vlug

20 Aug, 2023

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