New look at Foster + Partners Lusail Stadium for 2022 FIFA World Cup

New images have just been released of the Lusail Stadium, currently well into construction in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Renowned British firm Foster + Partners provided the design concept for the stadium, which was inspired by the interplay of light and shadow that characterises the fanar lantern. There are also echoes of the intricate decorative motifs on bowls and other vessels found across the Arab world and in museums and art galleries globally.

As soon as fans catch sight of the 80,000-seat stadium, they will be struck by its glittering gold exterior. Crowning the elaborate stadium façade will be a roof made from materials carefully chosen to provide shade, while still admitting just the right amount of sunlight to nourish the first-rate playing surface within.

At night, an advanced lighting system will maximise the interaction of the light and openings in the façade, mimicking the welcoming glow of a fanar lantern for approaching fans. 

Construction of the stadium, which is being delivered by a joint venture comprising Qatari firm HBK Contracting Company and China Railway Construction Corporation, is already well underway. With the substructure complete, concrete superstructure and infrastructure works are progressing in all zones, while internal works have commenced in the west stand.

Construction of the stadium is set to be completed in 2020.

Once the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar is over, Lusail Stadium will be transformed into a community space including schools, shops, cafés, sporting facilities and health clinics. This multi-purpose community hub will allow people to find everything they need under one roof – the original roof of the football stadium.

Story by: Trendsideas

15 Jan, 2019

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