Office renovation focuses on energy efficiency

When renovating this office, architects Superform paid careful attention to the façade

Architect: SuperformPhotography by Miran Kambič architecture, building, campus, corporate headquarters, facade, grass, headquarters, house, lawn, plant, real estate, roof, sport venue, stadium, structure, white
Architect: SuperformPhotography by Miran Kambič

Architect: SuperformPhotography by Miran KambičFrom the architect: The client intended to move the existing production facilities to a new building – the building that housed the production facilities needs to be renovated in terms of energy efficiency. The existing building was constructed in a time of late modernism. There was potential for interesting renovation possibilities. The design The design of the new façade results from the form of “mechanical sprocket” which is one of the products manufactured by the company. By combining these two basic principles of design, an effect is created on the façade blurring the line between 3D and 2D elements. Façade skin materials (metal and glass) express identity of the client. Sustainability The new ventilated façade skin with metal brise soleil provides necessary shading. Dimmed glass balances the inside temperature of the building. With new facade skin energy sufficient of the building is very much improved.

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26 May, 2017

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