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With its frameless black glass surface and retractable gas burners, the new CookSurface by Fisher & Paykel heralds a new era for appliance design

Other recent releases from Fisher & Paykel include countertop, furniture, glass, product design, sink, black, gray
Other recent releases from Fisher & Paykel include the Active Smart French Door refrigerator, and the CookSurface, which features retractable burners.

Research and development not only fine-tunes appliance design it also leads to innovative new products that set the standard for everything that follows.

The latest development from Fisher & Paykel is set to change the way we cook. The company has developed the first frameless black glass gas cooktop, featuring retractable gas burners and pan supports.

The 36-inch CookSurface supports three individual gas burners that rise out of the cooking surface when the control knob is activated. When the burners and knobs are recessed, the cooktop presents a smooth, clutter-free surface that is easy to clean.

Laurence Mawhinney, Fisher & Paykel's vice president sales and marketing, says although most 36-inch gas cooktops generally feature four or five burners, the company chose to incorporate just three into the CookSurface.

The glow iginition technology provides instantaneous gas ignition product, product design, technology, black
The glow iginition technology provides instantaneous gas ignition from an electronically heated plug.

"Our research found that at any one time, an average of only 2.1 burners are ever in use. With the precise control offered by the Aero¢ burners on the CookSurface, there is simply no need for a greater number of burners."

Another key point of difference from conventional gas cooktops is the sparkless, hot-surface ignition. This technology provides a glow plug that heats up to instantaneously ignite the gas as it is released. This does away with the clicking and sparking of traditional gas cooktops.

Precise control is achieved by variable-speed fans that regulate the air flow, controlling the delicate balance between oxygen and gas levels. Mawhinney says LED displays control 12 heat levels, or steps, which allow precision cooking, even at low heat levels.

Safety concerns have also been addressed. If the flame goes out, the gas burners will automatically reignite. The CookSurface sends a continuous electronic pulse through the flame to sense whether the cooktop is alight. If a fault is detected, this triggers the electronic flame-failure reignition system. The system automatically shuts down the burner if a series of attempts to relight is unsuccessful.

Designed to complement contemporary kitchen aesthetics, the Fisher countertop, home appliance, interior design, kitchen, kitchen appliance, product design, sink, tap, white
Designed to complement contemporary kitchen aesthetics, the Fisher & Paykel CookSurface is smooth and uncluttered when not in use.

As with all Fisher & Paykel appliances, the cooktop has an extensive two-year warranty.

For more information, contact Fisher & Paykel, phone tollfree (888) 936 7872. Website: www.fisherpaykel.com.

Story by: Trendsideas

04 Apr, 2008