Not your garden variety home

The garden surrounding this small home helps to regulate temperature and provide beautiful views

A dark cork floor complements the white walls architecture, ceiling, curtain, furniture, home, house, interior design, living room, shade, table, window, window covering, window treatment, wood, gray
A dark cork floor complements the white walls and wood touches

Architect: Guild ArchitectsMeet the home with a unique take on the garden. Instead of using flowers, vines and shrubs for purely aesthetic purposes, these architects integrated the garden into the design of the home. During winter, the plants provide crucial insulation. When summer rolls around, the plants shade the interior, keeping things cool.It's a unique design choice, and certainly one that seems like it could take off. Instead of solely using skylights and slats to manage temperature and light, architects and designers could explore plants.

Story by: David Renwick

28 Nov, 2017

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