Not your average barn

A guesthouse on a 15-acre property, this is certainly a project with a difference

This large window looks out to the distant barn, cottage, farm, farmhouse, grass, home, house, hut, land lot, landscape, property, real estate, rural area, shack, shed, tree, brown
This large window looks out to the distant mountains

Designed by: Carney Logan Burke Architects

From the Architect: 

Whatever the attraction, the architectural barn style was the look that the homeowners were after when they decided to add a guesthouse to their 15-acre property on Tucker Ranch. 

The couple’s architect and friend, John Carney of Carney Logan Burke Architects in Jackson, equivocated - for a minute. “I remember they handed me photos of the real barns. I suggested maybe we didn’t want to settle on a form so quickly, but in this case it really was them saying ‘No, this is what we want’”.

But because the barn shape “is very classic and traditional”, Carney says, “we knew we wanted to add an element of surprise in the design. That surprise took the form of a huge second-story gridded glass wall, which looks due north to the Tetons and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and has two lower hopper windows that open up to provide fresh air. 

"The whole thing is proportioned to look like a loft hay-loading space, as if it were big double doors you brought hay into," says Carney.

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15 Aug, 2017

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