No one new normal post COVID – rather a spectrum of options

The fit-out for cloud software company Okta's Sydney office, by leading design firm MMoser, reflects a behaviour-based design approach

Office fit-out of Okta Sydney office by MMoser & Associates

From the designers:

Businesses are devising various approaches to balance remote vs office work. Design firm M Moser & Associates has worked with organisations on behaviour-based office designs and says there isn’t one ‘new normal’ for office workers post-COVID, but rather a spectrum across organisations and roles that drive a complexity of options.

The firm recently worked in partnership with global identity software provider Okta to launch its new APAC headquarters in North Sydney. This office redesign was the first of its offices worldwide to receive the company’s Dynamic Worktreatment. 

Okta’s approach to Dynamic Work matched with M Moser’s behaviour-based design approach, embraces the best of both worlds: supporting both remote and in-office workers, depending on their needs (collaborative vs focused working), rather than simply focusing on the post-COVID fad of remote working.

Okta and M Moser undertook extensive analysis of the company’s local needs to translate its global approach while infusing local flavour and culture to design the space. The result ensures the local team now has a diverse array of work settings to choose from, and technology allows the team to adapt their environment to meet the task at hand.

The outcome demonstrates Okta’s commitment to a behaviour-based approach to workplace design.

According to Emily West from M Moser, Okta has gone further than many others when it comes to its investment in flexible furniture and spaces, as well as achieving accreditations against two global rating standards Well AP (which measures the health and wellbeing of people, culture, and community) and LEED (which acknowledges sustainable design, construction and operations).

The dynamic workplace

Okta's Sydney office is home to the firm's latest dynamic space, with a design that is uniquely different from traditional workplaces.

The new design shifts the floor plan to focus on collaboration and focus spaces, reducing the area for traditional desking.

Assigned team neighbourhoods provide a sense of belonging for teams with both desks and soft seating collaboration space.

All furniture is on wheels to provide agility and has been intentionally selected to maximise flexibility while being mindful of health and ergonomics.

Technology is fundamental to connecting Okta's dynamic workforces to foster innovation and connection between employees both in the office and across geographies. With this in mind, there are mobile smart whiteboards and A/V carts that quickly turn any area into a collaboration space.

The cafe features booths with screens, moveable tables, an abundance of power outlets for maximum flexibility, and a mural wall to honour the diversity of the surrounding community, and to infuse the office with the vibrancy and creativity that makes Sydney so unique.

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Interior designer

Designed by: MMoser & Associates

Story by: Trendsideas

25 Jul, 2021

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