New 69-storey tower in Melbourne is a twisting helix

This design for a new skyscraper on the northern edge of Melbourne's CBD seems to defy the laws of physics
Story by: David Renwick
This apartment – one of the smaller variants ceiling, floor, furniture, home, interior design, interior designer, living room, room, white
This apartment – one of the smaller variants – features a compact yet open living area

Architect: Elenberg FraserRenders: Pointilism Architectural VisualisationAbout the project: With the number of proposals for new, interesting towers in Melbourne, the city skyline could look significantly different in the next few years.Lighthouse is just one of these proposed buildings.

Appearing to turn on its trajectory, the building has no corners. How do you dissolve the corners of a skyscraper when that is where all sheer forces are normally resolved? We discovered the answer lies in traditional masonry techniques for turning corners using bricks.

This three-dimensional kaleidoscope not only twists and undulates on its axis but its façade is a moving object. The effect of constant motion is amplified by the iridescent contrasts of the goniochromism panels (which change colour depending on your perspective), which enhance reflectivity and create a coloured mosaic, refracting back the surrounding urban environment.


The purple makes for an interesting building – architecture, building, commercial building, condominium, corporate headquarters, daytime, facade, landmark, metropolis, metropolitan area, mixed use, purple, sky, skyscraper, tower, tower block, urban area, gray
The purple makes for an interesting building – from any angle

You may have seen this paint effect on cars before, but never on a building!

Naturally, these external flourishes are not merely art, but also science, a considered urban response driven by the marriage of architecture and interior design.

They create a form that addresses all aspects: maximising natural light and ventilation, whilst carefully balancing privacy and views. Each room is pronounced in the façade, offering the occupant exclusive panoramic views framed by bay windows, which look out beyond the immediate context. Together with the orientation of these windows, the interiors create an experience where apartments are as unique as their owners, as every room accentuates a different view out over the Melbourne landscape.

The tower twists and turns – different from architecture, building, commercial building, condominium, corporate headquarters, daytime, headquarters, landmark, metropolis, metropolitan area, mixed use, sky, skyscraper, tower, tower block, gray, blue
The tower twists and turns – different from every angle

Three interior design schemes feature a natural palette of materials – neutral tones play a calm, supporting role to those spectacular views. The ‘signature’ upgrade includes timber veneers, natural stone bench tops, full height doors, an integrated TV unit, wardrobe with integrated storage and zoned mood lighting.

But it’s not all about the private life – residents of this building have access to incredible common spaces, such as lounge and dining rooms, a gym with outdoor exercise terrace, plus an indoor pool and outdoor spa.

Sometimes bigger is better, and with this unconventionally extraordinary skyscraper that’s definitely the case.

Oct 31, 2017





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