Choosing to design a multi-purpose entertaining room over a dedicated theatre enabled greater use of this space but called for special AV requirements

view of the bar that has full facilities architecture, ceiling, flooring, interior design, real estate, room, black
view of the bar that has full facilities including refrigeraator and wine storage

You have two options when you decide to install a home cinema: a dedicated theatre room or in an entertaining space which has other uses. The owner of this home chose the latter. He not only wished for top quality display of movies but also wanted excellent sound quality, a place to entertain, eat, drink and to watch sports.

"I've seen many people transform their garages for other uses and it made me realise it's a lot of space just to store a car," he says. "I have a large carport for that purpose anyway, so I decided to turn the garage into an entertainment room."

Audiovisual designer Brad Kirkland of Soundline says it proved to be an ideal location because the cathedral-shaped ceiling breaks up sound waves well and the solid walls provide an echo-free atmosphere.

"We began the design process by specifying the best screen we could get," Kirkland says. "The cabinetry had to be designed around it so we needed a screen that not only provided optimum picture quality but also had a long life."

custom cabinetry allows plenty of storage for audioe apartment, architecture, condominium, home, property, real estate, black, white
custom cabinetry allows plenty of storage for audioe equiptment and cables

The ScreenPlay projector also enhances picture quality. However, its placement proved challenging due to the low ceiling rafters. It had to be installed so the top of the light beam only just passes under the lowest rafter.

The speakers have all been inset into the cabinetry in this project. This, the designer says, was because of aesthetics and the multipurpose nature of the space. However, their placement did mean acoustically treated enclosures were required, to prevent acoustical booming.

"The front speakers are LCR speakers which can be installed vertically or horizontally without affecting the sound," he says. "And we needed two sub-woofers to fill the volume of the room."

The left and right speakers have been placed higher than is typical. This was done for two reasons: firstly, to maintain the lines of the cabinetry the speakers would have had to be installed too close together for good surround sound quality; secondly, their high position allows the full height of the room to be totally filled with sound.

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Large garden in inner city park.

Dolby 6.1 surround sound is provided for, with two side and three rear speakers, for uniform dispersion of sound.

Completing the room was done with similar attention to detail. The blackout curtains and thick carpet both have acoustical properties. The cabinetry and furniture was custom designed by Apartmento and includes full bar facilities.

Credit list

Stewart Filmscreen
Monitor Audio
DVD player
Track lighting design
Cabinetry & furniture
Blackout curtains
Monitor Audio
Digital amplifier
Lighting system
Lighting supplier
Cavalier Bremworth

Story by: Trendsideas

14 Feb, 2005