Multi Room Audio

ili OneTouch multi-room audio lets you enjoy the same music all around the house, or you can listen to different things in different rooms.

In-ceiling speakers let you enjoy music and clearly hear the TV sound without the clutter of floor or shelf speakers

RIM's can be located throughout the house to pick up music from your home theater, kitchen TV, computer, personal music player, Media Center, CD player or OneTouch- any source with an audio output.

Smart Sound 8 Rooms includes 8 Zone Amplifier, 8 pairs of in ceiling speakers, 8 Volume Source Controls, 7 Remote Inputs Modules, Airport Express

Place the wall mounted Volume-Source Control (VSC) in any room that has speakers that you wish to control. The VSC displays source name, volume bar chart, bass treble, balance and more. It features four hard buttons for control of volume, source, and power.

8 Room kit

Smart Audio includes a basic remote that allows you to change sources and volume in the room that you are in by pointing it at the VSC in the room. You can also control it from free iPhone ap or from the integrated OneTouch touch screen or iPad ap.

Story by: Trendsideas

10 Nov, 2015