Mosaic Tiles: From classic to cutting edge

While more commonly seen on bathroom floors in decades past, the mosaic tile has transcended time to become one of the most popular decorative tile trends today
Story by: Christie Wood
They beautifully envelop any surface couch, floor, flooring, furniture, hardwood, interior design, laminate flooring, living room, loft, room, table, wall, wood, wood flooring, black
They beautifully envelop any surface

Continuously reinventing itself, with modern technologies pushing the boundaries of tile manufacturing, the latest reincarnation of the mosaic tile will not disappoint.

According to Beaumont Tiles Strategic Designer, Christie Wood while mosaic tiles have never really gone out of vogue, “what we are seeing now is a direct reflection of the runway like influence fashion has on home design and finishes”.

“Creativity with mosaics has really shifted into a new space where shape, size and texture are the key focal points,” Ms Wood says.

“This reflects the resurgence of geometric patterns and Scandinavian influence in fashion and furnishings which has filtered through to home surfaces amplifying the application of mosaics.

“The key is understanding the space that you’re creating and style that you want to achieve. Mosaic tiles can be used in any part of the home, and they beautifully envelop any surface.

“The mosaic tile’s creative potential is unlimited with visually inspiring results that will keep your guests talking for years to come,” says Ms Wood.


Part of the mosaic charm is its versatility. Mosaics can be used in many home applications, from embellishing walls and floors to creating amazing counter-tops or luxurious and unique outdoor living spaces.

“Mosaic tiles are the perfect addition to any space, creating effortless elegance and flair” says Ms Wood.


Mosaic tiles can be used in any part floor, flooring, tile, wall, gray
Mosaic tiles can be used in any part of the home

“For a delicate yet chic kitchen splashback, try the Candy Black Ice Glass Mosaic (15x15). Or for the outdoors, the Glass White Brick Bond (15x15) creates a sophisticated and majestic alabaster pool,” added Ms Wood.

Indoor and outdoor fireplaces have experienced a resurgence in Australian homes recently. This is partly due to their role as a favourable canvas for a mosaic masterpiece.

“Ballad Pencils Stream Mosaic (300x300) is a great go-to-choice to compliment an outdoor fireplace, or Mos Navona Fan Ice Stone (290x290) works beautifully for a Scandinavian meets coastal style,” says Ms Wood.

Another key trend is the use of mosaics in the bedroom – specifically, the bedhead, where the mosaic tile not only creates a visual feast and gorgeous out-of-the-box statement but is a hard-wearing opulent bedhead.

“Nothing says ‘wow’ more than a tiled mosaic bedhead, it can create zones and connect spaces in a genuinely majestic way,” Ms Wood says.

Shape, Style, Texture

Mosaic tiles allow you to be creative with size, shape and texture to transform the mood of a room. From marble to glass to ceramic in round, square or herringbone, mosaic tiles give instant luxury.

“Mosaics are powerful and best used with a less is more approach to create maximum impact,” says Ms Wood.

Using smaller scale mosaic tiles in areas of your home will create texture and depth.

Part of the mosaic charm is its versatility bathroom, floor, flooring, home, interior design, room, tile, wall, white, gray
Part of the mosaic charm is its versatility

“This is especially the case with slim, linear mosaic tiles which can fill the space with gentle movement,” she added.

Glass mosaic tiles allow home decorators to be bold with colours and are great to experiment with in any space.

“Whether it’s a kitchen splash back or a bathroom feature, it’s the texture of glass mosaics that gives the ‘wow’ factor,” says Ms Wood.

Find the perfect Mosaic for your next renovation project

Re-tiling is one of the quickest and most effective ways to transform your home. Whether it’s to revamp a room, renovate to boost your property value; or you just want to impress friends and house guests! When it comes to DIY styling with mosaics, it’s important to understand your style and the type of space you want to create.

“Mosaics adapt beautifully to any surface. They can provide synergies in otherwise disconnected spaces or provide a juxtaposition of flamboyant colour to capture attention and draw in conversation,” says Ms Wood.

“It doesn’t matter what interior style you’re working with – classic, retro or global fusion – mosaic tiles can be worked into any scheme to up-lift your home styling.”

If you’re unsure of what style your project should be, a great online resource is Beaumonts What’s My Style that helps identify your style from the top ten global interior design trends based on your personal tastes and responses to a two-minute quiz.

“Once you know your style, you’ll be able to find your tile in a mosaic!” Ms Wood added.

Feb 21, 2018





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