Maximum fun – thorough safety

With the joy of having a family pool comes the all important responsibility to keep it safe – another area where NZ Pool Industry Association makes life easy

The New Zealand Pool Industry Association puts you in touch with all the professional services and products – part of this is the association vetting and checking all members to ensure professionalism, reliability, and – in the case of products – quality of build, efficiency and longevity.

And this screening of all the people, products and services mentioned on its website is of great reassurance to the pool-owning New Zealanders who rely on the New Zealand Pool Industry Association for all their pool needs. (note: pools and products seen here are illustrative only)

Safety first – always

A key aspect of the Pool Industry Association's role of bringing pool builders & pool products together with homeowners is around the issue of safety. 

Even a few seconds of inattention or lack of security can be disastrous which is why lock-down pool fence security is both legally required and a necessity anyway.

The New Zealand Pool Industry association puts you in touch with the companies that address safety issues directly as well as part of their wider product or service range.

One important aspect of safety, for example, is when a pool opens directly from a home interior or deck to a pool and one automation company addresses this issue head on. 

On its pages, Swish Automation, a member of the New Zealand Pool Association – addresses topics including:

  • Innovative Solutions for Home-Pool Safety
  • Self latch, self close sliding doors
  • Self latch, door minder for bifold doors
  • Before applying for pool safety approval
  • PoolZone planning services
  • Guide to poolside child supervision

These are only some of the services offered by Swish Automation – and Swish Automation is only one of several product and service companies addressing pool safety and accessible through the New Zealand Pool Industry Association.

Head online to the NZ Pool Industry Association website and see the wider range of pool-related companies that make achieving the pool life easier for New Zealand homeowners across the country.

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24 Apr, 2022

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