Material harmony

This clifftop home nods to its setting – ground floor concrete echoes cliff while upper level wood connects with surrounding trees – interiors further this approach

Designed by LemayMichaud

From the architects:

Nestled atop a rocky cliff offering breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River and the bridges of Quebec City, this single-family home provides its residents with an exceptional living environment, where the exterior and interior blend seamlessly.

The interplay of volumes and openings that make up the architecture of this residence offers its occupants panoramic perspectives of the outdoor environment, while preserving their privacy. 

On the ground floor, two rectangular volumes are placed parallel to the river, along the edge of the cliff. 

A third volume, placed perpendicularly above, forms the upper floor. 

This composition of volumes takes advantage of the site and its views while creating strong connections between the interior and exterior.

The building's architecture blends masonry on the ground floor with wood on the upper floor. 

The light grey brick of the ground level, with nuanced and textured tones, creates a mineral base for the house, reminiscent of the cliff. 

The large volume of wood on the first floor, in contrast to the brick on the ground floor,  also offers a natural materiality, and its white cedar cladding adds lightness to the volume. 

The choice of materials allows the whole to harmoniously integrate with the wooded environment of the site.

In the backyard, spacious concrete terraces and a suspended cliffside pool enjoy maximum sunlight throughout the day, adding a distinctive touch to the outdoor space.

The residence's open, clean, and abundantly windowed living spaces offer breathtaking views of the mature trees of the cliff and the river. 

The simplicity of the interior design allows the spectacular views to be constantly highlighted, creating bright and soothing atmospheres.

Flowing seamlessly with the exterior architecture, the materiality of the interior design is composed of raw and natural textures. 

Wood and brick are present, dressing the interiors to create a strong connection with the exterior, and seeking to perfectly harmonise the ambiances of the residence.

An architectural staircase at the centre of the house acts as a central pivot and leads to more private spaces on the upper floor. 

The basement, partially open to the lower ground, bathes the spa relaxation areas in natural light, while the house's playrooms and technical areas are embedded in the cliff floor.

All interior elements of the house are custom designed. 

A few simple touches of colour are subtly integrated in places to enliven the spaces dedicated to play, and to add a playful touch for the young users who will occupy them.

Credit list

Douglas Consultants
Home automation
MTM Design
Interior designer
Nvira and Relief
Jessy Bernier

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14 Jul, 2024

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