4 tips to make your entryway feel welcoming

Your entryway needs some love. With the right furniture and the right home decor, your mudroom will soon be welcoming

This entryway is relaxed, spacious and offers architecture, ceiling, daylighting, floor, flooring, hardwood, house, interior design, loft, property, real estate, wood, wood flooring, gray, brown
This entryway is relaxed, spacious and offers plenty of storage.

Your entryway serves as the introductory point to your home. Think of it as the appetizer before the main course.

An entryway should be functional while also reflecting your personality.

Even if you have limited space, there’s still a lot you can do to create a welcoming entryway.

So how do you go about making the best impression possible?

This showhome by GJ Gardener in Taranaki ceiling, home, interior design, property, real estate, room, window, gray
This showhome by GJ Gardener in Taranaki is anchored by its simple yet functional entryway

1. Anchoring the entryway

If you have the space, a piece of furniture or two is the best way to anchor your entryway.

The furniture you use will depend on your space and how you intend to use it.

Those who have more space should consider a console table, bench or set of drawers establish your home more thoroughly. This makes the entryway more of a focal point and feel more inviting to guests.

For those more limited on space, a small chair will work. If space is really restricted, a shelf offers functionality without taking up too much room.

Some form of shoe storage is also advantageous. Visitors will be inclined to take their dirty shoes off before coming in. You can then keep a few pairs of your most used shoes at your entryway for easy access.

The entryway from this award winning home ceiling, floor, home, interior design, property, real estate, gray
The entryway from this award winning home saves space with it's hanging mirror, which contrasts with the wallpaper

2. Get over your hangups

An overcrowded entryway can be extremely uninviting. Taking advantage of wall space will use less crucial floor space and reduce clutter.

As mentioned in the last section, shelves are both compact and useful for stage in an entryway.

Wall hooks offer a more streamlined alternative to bulkier coat racks. They can be combined with a shelf to maximise performance using minimum space.

A few well placed pieces of art add architecture, ceiling, daylighting, floor, home, house, interior design, property, real estate, gray
A few well placed pieces of art add some interest to this entryway

3. Time to accessorise

Now that we’ve got the essentials sorted, it’s time to look at decorations.

For starters, make sure your entryway is styled to match the rest of the house. Otherwise it’s confusing for visitors and your house will look discombobulated.

If you have a traditional style house with an industrial style entryway, the result will not be cohesive.

A mirror is a useful accessory in smaller entryways as it gives the illusion of more space. You can continue making the most of wall space by getting a hanging mirror.

A bowl or platter can be used to hold items you’ll need before going out, such as keys and sunglasses. Having a consistent place to store them makes the the chance of losing them less likely.

Using a rug will further signify the starting point of the house and make the space feel more welcoming. Nylon, Wool and Sisal are good options for high-traffic areas like the entryway.

Adding a few personal touches will give the space charisma. Your entryway, like the rest of your home is a reflection of you after all. Some family photos, your favourite art or flowers and odd knick knacks will add flare to your entryway.

Instead of a traditional entryway, this home cabinetry, countertop, cuisine classique, furniture, interior design, kitchen, room, table, gray, black
Instead of a traditional entryway, this home by Laura Ellis of Matisse opens up to the kitchen – there's still plenty of storage though

4. No time like the present

The entryway is the only place that any visitor is guaranteed to see. So stop neglecting it!

There’s no one way to achieve your ideal entryway.

Be a creative problem solver. Have a play around. See what works for you and your space.

Most importantly, have fun! In no time you’ll have an entryway that will wow any visitor.

Story by: Loukas Tsitsiridakis

28 Jun, 2020

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