A pool spells fun, relaxation, exercise, a social gathering point like no other and a visual feature for your outdoor spaces. With Cascade it also spells low upkeep, a custom-fit pool built on site, natural solar warming and healthy swimming water

Choosing a custom fresh water Cascade pool spells fun, family, fitness and a visual feature for your outdoor spaces. However, while some pools are a hassle to maintain that is definitely not the case with Cascade, as the established and popular pool company sets you on the right path to extremely easy upkeep as well. 

Plus the company's solid concrete and steel pools, with vinyl liner, are built on site and available in two styles – both fully customisable so you get the most from your pool and the most from your outdoor living spaces at the same time.

A custom pool suits your site and your brown, white
A custom pool suits your site and your lifestyle – do it once and do it the right way.

Another major plus with Cascade is its pools are easy to look after, being almost 100% chemical-free. A freshwater concrete Cascade pool means salt-free and chlorine-free swimming!

The sun-heated water lingers with the company's solar retention pool design – making it degrees warmer than other pool styles.

So what about all the hassle of preparing for a pool? Well Cascade takes care of that too – right from organising the council approvals, fencing quotes, submitting the application, to monitoring the council approval progress.

A member of the New Zealand Pool Industry Association, Cascade has built a staggering 8,600 beautiful home swimming pools country wide!

For details on how you can achieve a high-impact, low maintenance custom pool for your property, contact Cascade Industries, phone: 0800 227 223, web: www.cascadepools.co.nz

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03 Dec, 2019

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