Salt and pepper, summer and sand, New Zealand and world rugby domination – there are plenty of fabulous pairings in life and Eurotech’s Single DishCabinet and Built-in Compact Microwave Combi Oven can now be added to this illustrious list

Whether you're starting from scratch or just looking to refresh your existing space, you'll want to give these a try!

When exploring the latest in kitchen ideas and wanting to utilise every space available, here’s a clever solution for every kitchen. While they make the perfect couple, both appliances offer plenty of individual benefits.

Eurotech Compact Oven

This 44L Eurotech Compact Oven is a three-in-one oven, which allows you to cook with hot air (convection), direct heat (grilling), and speed (Microwaves), or work with them in combination.

With 13 automatic modes this ensures the right levels of moisture for the food you're cooking. This means you can cook at higher, 'more humid' temperatures for less time, without the risk of burnt edges or shrinkage. 

Eurotech’s Single DishCabinet

Eurotech's slick Single DishCabinet is equally advanced in terms of technology as well as its looks. It has 7 programmes and a unique stainless steel inner which improves drying quality and inhibits germs, bacteria and nasty smells. 

The advanced yet compact dishwasher also has a foldable cutlery basket, with coloured tines that fold flat, and a 3.5 Star (energy) and 4.5 Star (water) rating. You can even decide just when this appliance goes to work with an up to 24 hour delay start. If all this wasn't enough, Dry&Fresh technology keeps your dishes fresh for 72 hours after each cycle, perfect for that bach or busy weekends.

Individually strong and together even better, the Eurotech’s Dish Cabinet and Built-in Compact Microwave Combi Oven are a marriage made in culinary and clean-up heaven.

For more details, visit the New Zealand Eurotech website here

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14 Mar, 2021

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