Luxurious fittings furnishings compliment stylish new apartment

The designer of this apartment in Chengdu, China paid careful attention to the fittings and furnishings

This dining area sits off from the lounge ceiling, dining room, furniture, home, interior design, living room, real estate, room, table, window, gray
This dining area sits off from the lounge and includes a unique hanging light

Designer: LI Jianmei

Location: Chengdu, China

From the architect: Most people wouldn't associate lush mountainsides and azure lakes with China, but that's exactly where this apartment resides. Look out the living room window, and you're transported away.

According to the designer, the aim of this apartment was to capture the environment inside with the furnishings and fittings. In the living room, a light blue wall sets the tone and compliments an ivory white sofa. The dining room is connected to the living room, where large floor-to-ceiling windows run through and introduce sufficient natural light. 

Plant walls and flowers run throughout, echoing the nature outside.The design approach centres on providing a sense of quiet comfort with contemporary simplicity to provide a unique sensory experience. Straight lines and solid colours highlight in main space, which is also dotted with soft furnishings of splendid colours. It's not hard to imagine a quiet lifestyle here.

Spatial structure and proportion received careful attention, along with the usage of neat lines and natural materials such as stone and wood.

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04 Sep, 2017

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