Low E glass from Metroglass helps keep homes warm in winter

Low E glass with double glazing, suitable for new homes and retrofitting, keeps interiors cool in summer, warm in winter Metroglass has a wide range

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High end apartment. Inner-city apartments.

The glass you choose can have a huge impact on the comfort of your home and the size of its energy bills. The best way to address this is to use Low E glass Low E is an abbreviation for low emissivity, the ability to radiate absorbed energy.

Because green, energy-efficient heating and cooling is now so central to home design, Metroglass offers a range of Low E glass options, says Mike Stanford of Metro Performance Glass.

"The range is suitable for both new builds and upgrading existing homes, as these sealed Low E glass units are also easily retrofitted.

"Low E glass has a unique coating designed to reflect long wave radiation from the glass itself and from inside or outside the house."

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view of the open plan kitchen an dining area featuring stained timber flooring, honed concrete block wall, stainless steel kitchen appliances, corian countertop, red tones, timber tabler, leather dining chairs,

And for homeowners there are a number of attractive benefits to using the specialist glass.

"When it's freezing outside and you're heating your home during winter, less warmth will be lost through the glass. And, conversely, when the sun is beating down in summer less solar radiation will enter your home," he says.

Used in conjunction with double glazing, the high-tech glass can reduce a home's energy loss by a staggering 28% to 45%, saving on heating requirements in the winter and cooling requirements during the summer months.

Low-E double glazing also makes the internal glass temperature warmer thus greatly reduces issues of condensation. The result is a healthy, more comfortable interior for your family.

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25 level retail outlet on Hong-Kong island. Theme of "Ice-Cubes" Natural wood decks.

And in summer, Low-E glazing helps control the sun and reduce heat gain without affecting light or views no screens or drapes required.

On the other hand, large areas of clear glass can let in too much light, creating glare. Solar-control Low E double glazing works like sunglasses, limiting Visible Light Transmission (VLT), and thus glare, coming into the interior and fading your furniture and furnishings.

"With Metro you can even choose the exact level of performance you want," says Stanford. "We've developed several Low-E double glazing options such as Solar-control in addition to our classic and custom ranges, so there's one to suit your specific requirements and budget."

For details, contact Metro Performance Glass, phone 0800 658 945, www.metroglass.co.nz

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11 Mar, 2016

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