Low cost, compact family home

This suburban home is ideal for a young family, being relatively inexpensive to build and full of light and space

The large ceiling fan draws the eye in architecture, ceiling, ceiling fan, daylighting, estate, home, house, interior design, lighting, living room, property, real estate, window, gray
The large ceiling fan draws the eye in this living area

Architect: BENT ArchitecturePhotographer: Tatjana PlittAbout the project: The Thornbury House is a low cost, compact family home set within a quiet, inner-suburban context. The design is underpinned by its playful roof form which references its surrounding context and is stretched and pulled to accommodate a double storey residence in what appears to be a single storey dwelling.

The project is firmly embedded in the scale, materiality and form of its context both in its overall expression and detailing. The building references and reinterprets the roof forms and lightweight cladding of adjoining properties.

The front door is substantial, and opens directly architecture, door, house, interior design, property, real estate, window, gray, brown
The front door is substantial, and opens directly into the primary hallway

The pitched roof form is immediately recognisable as a distorted version of neighbouring roofs. Where adjacent properties employ cover strips to conceal cladding joints, the Thornbury house utilises hardwood battens that conceal joints in the cladding and add texture to the façade. The result is a house that is simultaneously referential and divergent from the prevailing street character.

Internally, the project draws on the courtyard typology which enhances the environmental performance of the house and ensures abundant light is delivered to all living spaces. The pitched roof volume which is generally utilised to accommodate upper level bedrooms is expressed internally over the living area offering a liberating shift in the scale of the space and a continuity between the internal and external expression of the house.

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25 Oct, 2017

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