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By emphasising the value of research and innovative design, appliances from Teka complement the aesthetics of contemporary kitchens
View of a modern kitchen which features appliances furniture, kitchen stove, product design, table, black, white, gray
View of a modern kitchen which features appliances by Teka.

With so many choices when designing a new kitchen today, homeowners need to be clear about their requirements. In modern, open-plan kitchens, aesthetics are a key consideration, but reliability and functions that suit individual needs are also priorities.

With more than 80 years' experience in making kitchen appliances, Teka understands that successful products combine these features. All appliances are made from the same grade of fingerprint-proof stainless steel and glass, and details such as LED lights, controls, handles and buttons are consistent across its product range. Teka's column concept also expands the options. Ovens and microwaves of the same shape and size can be lined up horizontally or vertically, creating rows or columns.

A view of some kitchen appliances by Teka furniture, home appliance, interior design, kitchen, product design, shelf, white
A view of some kitchen appliances by Teka Australia.

To strengthen its range, Teka has just launched the new Expression series of ovens, rangehoods, steam and combo ovens and microwaves. Contemporary design features include digital touch-control panels with graphic displays, electronic temperature controls and, in the microwave, a handy drop-down door.

Induction cooktops are another speciality of Teka. Homeowners can choose a full induction hob or a combination of induction and standard vitroceramic elements.

View of appliances, by Teka appliances home appliance, interior design, kitchen appliance, product design, white
View of appliances, by Teka appliances

Teka also produces a collection of sinks to match your benchtops or cooktops. Its sinks, all made from 18/10 surgical-grade stainless steel, can be undermounted or inset.

For more details, contact Teka Australia, 15/45 Normanby Rd, Notting Hill, Vic 3168, phone 1300 739 550. Or you can visit the website: www.tekaaustralia.com.au.

Aug 07, 2009
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