Lock and unlock your door from afar!

With her busy schedule mum and photographer Tarryn has no time to drop everything to find her keys every time she walks in the door, but now she doesn’t need to. In fact, with the Yale Assure SL digital lock securing her front door, she doesn’t need her keys at all!

When it comes to keyless entry door locks, the technology has come a long way. Gone are the days when keys or punch pads are your only option to get in the door.

Nowadays there is a new generation of smart locks that can be opened with an iPhone app, via a digital keypad and even locked and unlocked remotely.

No more getting keys cut for family members, or driving to work, only to wonder if you remembered to lock the door or not.

5 Reasons the Yale Assure SL Digital Door Lock with Apple HomeKit is the best Smart Door Lock of 2018

1. You no longer have to worry about carrying around keys

Get the freedom of locking and unlocking your home with your iPhone or by simply using the lock’s touchscreen keypad so you’ll never have to carry around keys again.

2. Unlock remotely or share digital pin code keys with guests, friends and family

Is your sister waiting outside the house while you are at the supermarket? Have friends getting in on a midday flight while you are at work? No problem, you can either remotely open the door from your iPhone or create a digital pin code key that they can use via the lock’s digital keypad and let themselves in.

3. View lock status and customise lock settings and pin codes

Can't remember who you have issued keys to? The cleaner? The dog walker? You can see the issued keys on your mobile, and easily delete any that are no longer required.

4. Program up to 25 unique pin codes

Imagine how much getting 25 keys cut at Mr Minute would cost you.

5. Integrate seamlessly with your smart home

With Apple HomeKit the Assure SL connects to your home hub via an iPad, Apple TV or HomePod and helps to create a complete smart home solution – meaning it can sync with other HomeKit accessories. Therefore it is totally conceivable to have the lights turn on when the door opens.

See more here about the new technology of Yale Assure SL Lock

Designed for home - Tarryn Donaldson’s passport may say ‘Photographer’ but ask how her days are really spent and it’s clear where most of her time goes – running in and out the front door from one task to the next and her busy schedule means Tarryn has no time to drop everything to find her keys every time she walks in the door… See more
At home in the world - For Ben Mikha, the view from a mountaintop is all the better for knowing that things are locked down and safe at home.With a job – and a life – based on travelling the world, Ben relies on a few key items to keep things on track. His list of travel essentials is pretty familiar to most of us – camera, cellphone, passport, credit card. See more here

Story by: Assa Abloy

10 Feb, 2019

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