Life on the edge: The amazing LAAV cliffside structures

After causing quite a stir back in 2015, LAAV has come forward with another stunning cliffside structure

Casa Brutale and Lux Aeterna / Holy Cross water, water resources, black, gray
Casa Brutale and Lux Aeterna / Holy Cross Chapel: Images from LAAV

You may remember Casa Brutale from when we covered it back in 2015. 

In case you need a reminder:

Casa Brutale is an unclad statement on the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture. It is a chameleonic living space, created to serve its owner and respect the environment. 

The residence is constructed with simple materials: wood, glass and concrete, at the convergence of the surrounding earth and water. 

The landscape is integral to the underlying concept, since elements penetrate and prevail over the construction. 

The roof of Casa Brutale, a glazed bottom swimming pool, is a continuation of the poetic Aegean Sea and in perfect communication with the vast blue of the Greek sky. 

In essential simplicity, Casa Brutale is defined by three thick concrete slabs with all the installations preformed. 

The crystalline pool, made by reinforced glass, is set between the walls to smoothen the hard materials and let the abundant natural light through, illuminating the residence. 

And small details of black-coated steel and brown/red aged wood complete the composition.

Casa Brutale: Images from LAAV outdoor furniture, sea, water, wood, white
Casa Brutale: Images from LAAV

Now, LAAV (formerly OPA) has come forward with yet another spectacular project in a similar vein, this time a church with panoramic ocean views.

Here’s what LAAV had to say about the new project:

Purity of belief is celebrated in this minimalistic design devoid of earthly distractive elements. The chapel is the third building of the Terra Mater trilogy of underground buildings. Proposed for the island of Serifos, it possesses a single cliff façade that faces the Aegean sea, positioning the human vis a vis with the beauty and magnanimity of creation.”

Lux Aeterna / Holy Cross Chapel: Images architecture, ceiling, daylighting, structure, tourist attraction, gray, black
Lux Aeterna / Holy Cross Chapel: Images from LAAV

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21 Jul, 2017

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