Kitchen tech of the future – what to expect

The evolution of the smart home is upon us, with the likes of Amazon Alexa’s giving us the news, Hive smart-tech heating our interiors and robotic hoovers cleaning up living rooms. However, one question often asked is 'how will interactive technology shape the home in the future and what sort of things can we expect in years to come?'

From RS Components:

We can now control our TVs, lights and heating from our workplaces on smartphones – but what will our homes be like in 5, 10 or 20 years from now?

Perhaps we’ll have robotic helpers in the kitchen, or maybe even 3D printers to design our own furniture?

RS Components has worked with futurologists to review some of the trends that could potentially be coming to your home in the next few years. 

Which ones will you see in your lifetime? 

Use this interactive tool by RS Components to put in your age to find out what you might expect to see. 

Virtual kitchen assistants give you recipes, the time white
Virtual kitchen assistants give you recipes, the time of day and then some.


Only 5 years from now, we could see virtual kitchen assistants that act as chefs, helping with meal preparation, as well as keeping watch on timings. 

You’ll even be able to chat to them about everyday life so they’ll become much-loved companions. 

How efficient would your kitchen be with the helping hand of a virtual assistant? 

In the fairly distant future, drones will take white
In the fairly distant future, drones will take to the air and shine strong UV beams to sterilise surfaces.


More kitchen improvements are set to take place. 

When the kitchen is empty, drones will be able to take to the air and shine strong UV beams to sterilise surfaces, cleaning areas people often forget such cupboard doors. This will not only benefit house proud people but will also reduce the chances of spreading germs. 

In the same year, bathrooms will see developments in technology. By 2030, Bathroom GP will be able to discreetly take biological readings and screens for illnesses as you use the bathroom. 

Dr Loo will screen you whilst you’re using the toilet for kidney function and glucose levels, while Dr Mirror tells you the results. 

Although this might sound a bit out of the ordinary, improving peoples health and safety while within their own home is something that will not only help individuals, but also healthcare systems around the world. 


Fast forward 15 years from today to  where you can expect to see tiny bug-sized bots that will pick up crumbs and dirt every time a room is empty, so floors would stay looking cleaner for longer without the continuous vacuum noise.

Need a pizza fast? Then just print it! white
Need a pizza fast? Then just print it! Kitchens of the future are set to look quite different and 3D-printing food may well be the face of things to come


By now you can expect 3D printers to be preparing your meals. 

These super cool and efficient devices are predicted to be able to create food such as pizza, biscuits and even pretzels! 

Fish nibbling your dishes clean in the years white
Fish nibbling your dishes clean in the years to come? Don't throw out the pot scrubber just yet but this could, indeed spell the future of dish washing.


Bio tanks of robotic fish will clean the dishes and turn the leftover water into biofuel, while filtering the water as well. 

This is an invention that will not only make home life easier but will also benefit the environment. 

Research shows that the global smart-tech market will surpass $100 billion by the end of the year. 

The same research reports that homes will have an average of 21 connected devices by 2023.  

Going by these predictions, every room will soon be enhanced by making daily tasks effortless and more efficient, therefore harmonising our digital and physical worlds at home. 

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02 Feb, 2020

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