Key questions to ask yourself before starting a home project

Take a look at our questions below before you dive into your next big home project

Story by: Trends Staff

Before calling an interior designer or booking a builder, run through our list of questions below to firm up what you want out of your renovation. Remember: It’s better to do the job right the first time!

Want vs. need

One of the most important exercises in any renovation is the want vs. need list. It’s easy (and expensive) to fall into the trap of redesigning the dining room when you actually need to work on the kitchen. Draw up a simple list with two columns and get writing! This is also a useful document you can take to a designer.

Will your needs change?

If you’ve got a growing family, you may want to think about how you’re likely to use your home in the future. While that small bathroom may be fine now, a larger area is almost certainly going to be easier with growing children. The same goes for the kitchen and bedrooms. A kitchen counter with a breakfast bar can also make it much easier to prepare and then serve food. 

How important is storage?

If you need plenty of storage space for your hobbies and other miscellaneous items, consider factoring this into your renovation. This is the perfect time to build more cupboards in the garage and to think about extra shelving in the kitchen.


If you’ve got a growing family, you may architecture, cottage, estate, facade, family car, home, house, lighting, property, real estate, residential area, window, black
If you’ve got a growing family, you may want to think about how you’re likely to use your home in the future

Is this your forever home?

Getting old is never easy, so why not redesign your home so it continues to work for you? Choose cupboards that are easy to access and a pantry with sliding drawers instead of deep shelves. In your bathroom, consider installing a bathtub that’s easier to get in and out of. If your master bedroom is on the second storey, consider moving it downstairs or creating a larger guest room that you can move into later.

What’s your budget?

You’ve likely heard the horror stories of renovations costing twice as much as the initial estimates – they’re not uncommon. So how do you renovate your home without blowing your bank account? With careful, considered planning.

One of the most important exercises in any backyard, cottage, estate, facade, home, house, property, real estate, residential area, villa, white, gray
One of the most important exercises in any renovation is the want vs. need list

What do you want to achieve?

It’s important to have good, long think about what you want to achieve with your renovation. We’ve put together a few ideas for you to mull over: 

  • You want to open up your home by connecting main areas (kitchen and lounge, for example).
  • You want to transform a bedroom into a home office.
Jul 03, 2018





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