Keep your shower looking good as new

Maintaining a clean shower is no longer an unachievable feat. Keep it looking clean and clear with this ingenious glass protection technology

Bathroom design by Natalie Du Bois https://www.duboisdesign.co.nz/page/neutral-minimalist-parnell/  - bathroom, floor, flooring, interior design, plumbing fixture, room, tap, tile, wall, white, gray
Bathroom design by Natalie Du Bois www.duboisdesign.co.nz  - Photography by Simon Wilson

Glass can look crisp, pristine and minimal, but can also be an ongoing hassle to keep clean.

This is especially true in the shower – where dirt, grease and shower product accumulate and can be next to impossible to scrub off. This can result in unsightly water spots and other marks.

One way around the thankless task of trying to achieve gleaming glass surfaces is with Diamond Fusion’s easyCLEAN glass protection.

This uses innovative technology to achieve the world’s best contact and sliding angles.

The higher the contact angle an object has, the more repellent to water and other substances it will be. The result? – less cleaning and maintenance.

A lower sliding angle makes surfaces more slippery, meaning water runs off it more readily. This also aids in making the surface more cleanable and improves clarity.

Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN glass protection makes your shower angle, bathroom, glass, plumbing fixture, product, shower, gray
Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN glass protection makes your shower look showroom ready

By following a simple process each week, shower cleaning can be reduced by up to 90% on new glass showers – that’s over 50 hours a year!

If less cleaning and a more presentable shower sounds appealing to you, easyCLEAN glass protection offers a gleaming solution.

To find out more visit Diamond Fusion online

easyCLEAN protection – best contact angle in the close up, drop, green, macro photography, organism, water, gray
easyCLEAN protection – best contact angle in the world

Story by: Loukas Tsitsiridakis

09 Sep, 2018

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