This minimalist design in a vineyard setting maximises the outdoor living spaces, with mass plantings and repetition two key factors 

Landscape designer – Charlotte Pedersen, creative director, Espaso Verde 

From the landscape designer:

Design intent

The intent for this design was to create a modern, minimalist landscape that complements the architecture and creates a sense of place.

Nestled amongst a vineyard in a rural setting, the location created a surrounding landscape that set the scene for this design – the repetition of the lines of the grape vines and the open spaces were part of the inspiration for the design.

The design was about simplicity and repetition on a large scale.

We paid particular attention to the local environment and architecture, repeating key elements throughout the landscaping.

The repetition of powerful plant species and materials in particular helps to provide a sense of unity throughout the property and restful spaces.

The design celebrates balance and cohesion through large bold features and plantings with minimal disturbance on the eye and minimal maintenance.

A soft colour pallet for the surfacing provides a contrast against the dark colour of the house and the green foliage of the plants.

Corten is a striking and contrasting material that is introduced and connected throughout this design giving an industrial feeling to the final outcome.

Designed by: Charlotte Pedersen, creative director, Espaso Verde

Story by: Trendsideas

16 Jan, 2022

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