Like any part of the house, your bathroom can quickly accumulate unwanted items. Let's clear some space by getting rid of them

Bathroom designed by architect Linda Simmons – see bathroom, countertop, floor, home, interior design, room, sink, tap, tile, gray
Bathroom designed by architect Linda Simmons – see the full story

Does your bathroom look as neat and tidy as the one above?

If you haven't noticed already, we've been on a bit of a decluttering and organisation campaign lately.

Well now it's time to hit the bathroom. Starting by clearing it of space-consuming products.

  • Let's start with shower products. How about that container of shower gel with a tiny bit left or the blunt old razor you keep meaning to throw away. Do yourself a favour – bin them.
  • Your older towels and washcloths may be worn, raggedy ... and  even a little smelly? Make better us of them by cutting them up to use as cleaning rags.
  • Expired medication is another source of unnecessary clutter. Have a look through your medication shelf and you'll be surprised how much of it is no longer of use.
  • Outdated and unused cosmetics accumulate over time too. Sort through your "cosmetics graveyard", keeping only the products that you love and use regularly. Give away anything else that's unwanted but still usable.
  • Make sure to store all your cosmetics and especially fragrances out of light and heat as they spoil and turn very fast. For this, it's worth having a cleverly designed vanity that allows you the right amount of storage and is easily accessible. Take some inspiration from collections from Elite Bathroomware, Heirloom and Plumbing World Home
  • Travel-sized items are a necessary evil for flights. When the trip's over, all they do is sit in your bathroom taking up valuable space. You know what to do. Same with those little bottles of soap and shampoo you took with you from the hotel. Haven't used them yet? Then throw them out.

And once you've freed your bathroom from clutter, what can you do to keep it clean and clear

Story by: Loukas Tsitsiridakis

16 Nov, 2018

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