Island connection

Open design makes the most of sweeping sea views and flowing indoor-outdoor living

Designed by LUV Architecture & Design

From the architects:

The Binibeca house is located in an exclusive environment in the south coast of Menorca, it was one of the very last plots available to build a strikingly contemporary Mediterranean home.

The project is based on two main concepts – to enhance the relation with the wide open views of the Mediterranean sea, and to create a wide open living space which connects interiors and exteriors to merge them into a single space.

The first concept was achieved by framing the views towards the sea.

The second is achieved through the following elements: 

·       a large five-metre wide pergola that protects the exterior from the strong Mediterranean summer heat

·       use of sliding doors that are completely hidden into the façade

·       incorporation of a central patio

All these elements enhance a visual connection between the three spaces, creating an open wide living space experience. The house includes also five suites, and a set of patios that help light the underground spaces.

The use of rustic materials reinforces the connection with the island, and enhances the great textures of drystone walls, white colours and the playful combination of shadows produced by the pergolas designed for the house.

Story by: Trendsideas

15 Dec, 2018

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