Is artificial grass a good substitute for real grass?

In this article, you'll see different landscapes which incorporate artificial grass and a discussion of the benefits

Ever considered the benefits of an artificial lawn? cottage, estate, farmhouse, flower, garden, grass, home, house, lawn, plant, property, real estate, shrub, yard, brown
Ever considered the benefits of an artificial lawn?

Many people believe that artificial grass is not a substitute for real grass. In this post we are going to show different landscapes which incorporate artificial grass and discuss the benefits.

1. First up is this beautiful picture of a pool alongside artificial turf. In this photo you can see how well the artificial grass moulds itself around the stepping stones leaving a cool indented effect on the stone slabs. The turf highlights the pool, paving and brickwork providing a low maintenance, easy care option.

2. In this image a home-owner has used artificial turf for their front garden. This is great for creating a clean, green and low maintenance garden that simply looks stunning. What works well for this garden is the simplicity of the green synthetic turf surrounded with small bushes highlighting the turf. And no mowing, watering, weeding or fertilising required.

3. Absolutely brilliant. This next landscape shows how well TigerTurf’s artificial lawn products harmonise with the natural environment. The manicured lawn, bordered with flowers, hedging and mature trees blend together seamlessly replicating the characteristics of quality natural lawn.

4. The natural grass in this garden was almost non-existent. It was patchy with weeds and it was impossible to grow natural grass. Synthetic grass has added new life to this beautiful area of the patio removing the need for watering, fertilising, weeding and mowing what little did grow.

5. Finally, the artificial turf in this image is incredibly hard to tell apart from real grass due to its seemingly natural flow. The flowerbeds along the side of this turf really help to highlight the artificial grass. They give a burst of colour into the standard green of the artificial turf.

A lush green lawn is attractive to the eye, a pleasant place that invites you to relax and enjoy the environment, a place where your children and pets can safely play. If you want to enjoy your lawn, but life’s too busy for watering, mowing, weeding and fertilising, then synthetic grass could be the solution you’re looking for.

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18 Jun, 2020

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