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Conceal a high-performance projection screen and speakers in your living room wall with Screen Goo and Sound Advance speakers from Livingstone Audio
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view of the frame of the new wall

Home theatre systems no longer need to be a bulky and dominating centrepiece in your living space.

Sound Advance speakers and Screen Goo can be installed in your home, so your audio system will only be noticeable when it is in use.

The first step in the process is to build your Sound Advance speakers into the wall. The gibbed wall is then painted over with Screen Goo, a specifically formulated, highly reflective acrylic paint that is brushed or rolled onto your wall. This creates a ready-made and invisible home theatre system.

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view of the hometheatre using screen goo,

Alternatively, the speakers can be hidden in other wall cavities or in the ceiling and painted to blend into the decor.

Alex Leong of Livingstone Audio, the distributor of Sound Advance and Screen Goo, says these products are affordable and easy to use, allowing homeowners to install speakers and create a high-performance screen of any shape or size. Screen Goo is ideal for use with DLP and LCD projectors for better colour fidelity.

The speakers and screen have been installed in the Museum of Victoria, the National Gallery of Victoria and showrooms on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane.

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view of the regibbed wall

For more information on these products, contact Livingstone Audio, phone (03) 9878 4800. Website:

Feb 15, 2005
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