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For a strong, lasting bond on home wood glueing projects choose Aquadhere from Selleys®

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tube of Selley's No More Gaps bathroom

Achain is only as strong as its weakest link, runs the adage, and this is important to remember when selecting wood adhesives. It pays to choose a product that is versatile, easy to use and that forms a bond stronger than the materials it joins.

Selleys has recently released the new Aquadhere Durabond Polyurethane woodworking adhesive. This highly durable glue has a versatile application as it adheres timber to a wide range of surfaces, says marketing director Warwick Rounce.

"Aquadhere Durabond is so strong that the timber breaks before the glue does," says Rounce. "It also bonds timber to MDF, metal, ceramics, glass, most plastics, and even concrete. Being waterproof and highly durable, it is well-suited for outdoor jobs. However, it can also be used indoors, where extra durability is required."

Wooden outdoor dining table and chairs on patio, architecture, chair, daylighting, floor, furniture, hardwood, interior design, lighting, outdoor furniture, table, wood, black
Wooden outdoor dining table and chairs on patio, with timber house and large open windows behind.

The glue is resistant to chemicals and solvents. It can be sanded, painted and stained and sets within 10 minutes. Only a thin bead of Durabond is required because the glue expands as it dries.

Aquadhere Exterior is an industrial grade PVA glue. It has high weatherability, making it ideal for outdoor applications and can also be sanded and painted. The glue bonds all types of wood including, softwoods, hardwoods, particle board, chipboard, plywood and MDF. This means it is suitable for dowelling joinery, laminating, veneering and furniture making.

Selleys Aquadhere Interior is well suited for indoor jobs ranging from building a bookshelf to a variety of craft applications. It bonds materials such as wood, cardboard, cloth, mosaics and leather.

Three bottles of Selleys Aquadhere range, Interior, Exterior hardware, liquid, lubricant, product, solvent, white
Three bottles of Selleys Aquadhere range, Interior, Exterior and Durabond adhesives.

Selleys Aquadhere woodworking adhesives can be found at hardware outlets nationwide.

For details, contact Selleys, phone 1300 555 205.Email: selleys.customer.service@orica.com. Website: www.selleys.com.au.

Story by: Trendsideas

23 Aug, 2004