Interior design trends we've seen this year

If you're looking to remodel or build new this year, it's a good idea to clue yourself up on the latest trends. If you don't you could wind up with a look that's dated – and fading fast!

Story by: Katy Morris
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Renovation Creates Large Open Plan Living Space And Opens Interior To The Backyard

Monochromatic rooms

This trend is taking designers by storm. Here, floor tiles and wall tiles are chosen of the same colour. You also use the same texture of tiles from the floor to the ceiling. This design is for the bold.

Create your perfect pink room, a relaxing blue room or a spotless white room with one colour tiles. Fixtures can also be of the same colour. If one colour is too much to handle, you can break the monotony using a different colour of fixtures. 


Border tiles

Border tiles are small size tiles used as a joiner of different patterns of tiles. They can also be used to break the monotony in monochromatic rooms. You can use them to continue the same theme albeit in a different size. Border tiles are also a fun way to demarcate your floor into sections. Use them to create contrast or to bring your room together. 

Blending spaces

Gone are the days when everything needs to be in a certain area. In 2018, designers are embracing a more free-form look – especially in the bathroom. Why not place a freestanding bathtub near the window? Or opt for exposed piping for a more industrial aesthetic? If you're feeling particularly bold, you could even put a bathtub in the bedroom.

Two-coloured hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are making a big come-back this year, and they are not going to be in traditional colours. Designers are combining a host of colours to create totally new hues. For instance, they are combining beige and grey to create something in between both colours.

The good thing about hardwood flooring is that it can be used in all rooms. They are good for bathrooms (As well as kitchens) provided you don’t leave pools of water on them for a long time because water can cause their deterioration over time.

Black fixtures

White fixtures are a thing of the past. Designers are looking into black fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens. The beauty of these fixtures is that they have the ability to create a powerful contrast with almost all colours and patterns. They also don’t get stained easily.

However, be prepared to clean them more often than white fixtures since they easily show dust and watermarks. This year’s trends promise to be a break from what we are used to. They are edgy yet playful and fun. Stay ahead of the curve in interior design with these trends.

Jun 28, 2018






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