Inspiration meets raw talent with popular couture interior designer

Highly accomplished in a variety of styles, Davinia Sutton’s work can be hard to pick in terms of theme – what is consistent, is her winning awards year on year

Davinia Sutton’s talent is not only appreciated by
Davinia Sutton’s talent is not only appreciated by her clients, it is also recognised by her industry peers – for example, this Davinia Sutton bathroom took Highly Commended at the TIDA kitchen awards. And she receives similar industry recognition year on year.
Davinia Sutton, owner of Detail by Davinia, specialising
Davinia Sutton, owner of Detail by Davinia, specialising in bespoke kitchens, bathrooms, and interior design

Davinia Sutton’s interest in design started early. At around three, sitting next to her graphic designer Mum, she was trying to emulate her, using her Letraset and special pens. Moving forward, the designer undertook seven Bursary Arts subjects followed by a diploma in interior design and then a degree in spatial design – or basically interior architecture.

Fast forward to present day and Davinia Sutton is the lead designer and owner of her own couture design company Detail by Davinia.

Natural talent will out, no matter the application, and the designer’s work is difficult to pigeon hole.

“A design is really responding to the architecture and the owner’s brief. I mean, I produce quite traditional work with a lot of detail, down to dovetail drawers and ogee moulds. Whereas we also go to the other extreme of quite a minimalist approach.

“Most often, our designs are driven by the architecture and working in the context of this together with the tastes and lifestyle of the owner.” 

“However, the gift of a designer is to bring inspiration as well.”

“This can come from r&d – looking at new product, materials and finishes, and how we can actually expand on its use. Ideas spring from books, magazines, other designers, worldwide influence, but it's often just the architecture and owner’s lifestyle that influenced it,” says Sutton.

When asked what is the first thing a homeowner should do when looking to create a new kitchen, bathroom or interiors, Sutton jokes ‘engage a professional designer’. Of course never was a truer word said.

In terms of what not to do it would be not go rushing in and purchasing before a design’s actually coutured and resolved.

Davinia Sutton likes working in a variety of materials – for instance, in terms of benchtops, she loves the individualistic nature of natural stone, down to ‘the story it can tell’, but also likes the versatility of engineered stone, ‘whereby an induction cooktop can literally sit under the benchtop surface’.

“At Davinia by Design we care about our clients and our service is on a personal basis, so you will be dealing with me one-on-one throughout the project, supported by my team.”

For a bespoke kitchen, bathroom or interior design, contact Davinia Sutton, director/owner, Detail by Davinia, phone: 03-356 2722; email: detail@daviniasutton.com; or alternatively head online: https://www.daviniasutton.com/

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07 Nov, 2021

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