Public or private Circle on Cavill's interior spaces are a celebration of contemporary lifestyle choices

A view of the four moving escalator walkways escalator, brown, black
A view of the four moving escalator walkways installed in the retail complex ov the circle of cavill complex

DESIGNED TO offer the latest in inner-city living, Circle on Cavill is awash with the contemporary finishes that define modern day architecture. Stainless steel, floor-to-ceiling glass and polished stone all feature throughout Surfers Paradise' latest high-rise apartment complex.

As well as the residential aspect the two towers feature 637 apartments on 116 levels a 9000m² retail precinct offers four distinct retail areas: fashion, dining, entertainment and fresh food. A three-storey parking garage with more than 1000 spaces services both retail and residential facilities. To function efficiently, both of these areas need to move the maximum amount of people through the space with the minimum of fuss.

Sunland Group turned to Kone Elevators to supply a comprehensive product solution to achieve this, says Kone Elevators project sales engineer Wayne Blair.

A view of the lobby and entrance to door, furniture, product design, wardrobe, gray
A view of the lobby and entrance to the kone lifts in the circle of cavill complex

"During construction we provided jump lifts a temporary work lift that utilises the lift shaft as it is being constructed to aid in the transport of workers and materials between floors in all weather conditions. Something as simple as this can have a marked effect on construction time."

Kone Elevators installed a total of 17 passenger and freight lifts, 6 escalators and 4 moving walks throughout the Circle on Cavill development.

"For the passenger lifts we provided double deck mid-rise machine rooms. Again, this saves on construction time as the machine room fits within the footprint of the elevator shaft, as opposed to traditional machine rooms that usually require 2-3 times that space and are located separately to the lift shaft. It also aided in the streamlined design of the north tower," says Blair.

A view of the lobby and entrance to architecture, ceiling, floor, glass, interior design, wall, black, white
A view of the lobby and entrance to the kone lifts in the circle of cavill complex

Another innovation was the installation of machine-room-less freight elevators in the retail precinct.

"Kone's TranSys¢ freight lifts with Kone EcoDisc hoisting technology do away with machine rooms altogether. The benefits of this in commercial applications include reduced construction time and costs, lower associated operation noise, easier positioning of the lifts within the building plan and a freeing up of up to 30m² of extra building space that can then be utilised for commercial applications."

For further information, contact Kone Elevators, Level 3, 205 Euston Rd, Alexandria, NSW 1435, phone (02) 9577 7000, fax (07) 9577 7399 or visit the website: www.kone.com.

Story by: Trendsideas

30 Mar, 2007