I'd love a pool but don't have the right space

Pool design has come a long way in recent years – and build versatility is a key part of that. Is your site, small, tricky, unusable? Cascade Pools has a solution

Whatever site configuration and space available, it's likely Cascade Pools has a pool to suit your situation.


If you have a long, narrow situation – such as running along between your home and hedge boundary – then an attractive lane pool provides exercise as well as a great side outlook.


Or if you have a small, tricky shape – say a cramped, inner-city space that is virtually useless – can be transformed into useful swim-exercise pools! 

This pool continues into an otherwise wasted niche
This pool continues into an otherwise wasted niche within the home's footprint – awkward turns idyllic!

Steep slope not suitable for child's play and a devil to mow?

Then there's that tricky top lawn area that was under-used and a nuisance to mow, or is unsuitable for child's play because it's a sloping site – such user-unfriendly spaces can be reinvented with a little excavation, a few small retaining walls, and the addition of a Cascade pool.

Downright ugly or neglected?

Or consider a neglected back garden space that's hollow, hard to keep tidy and is generally unattractive! Here, a Cascade pool built a metre above the ground can transform transformed the ugly/unused unused area, adding fun and usefulness to that area in a big way.

A quirky corner that runs up the side
A quirky corner that runs up the side of the house? A Cascade Pool design turns a waste space into a wonderful one.

Under-utilised as a fiscal asset?

Lastly, all these scenarios will add value to your property where you thought there wasn't any.

A freeform pool can be shaped to fit available space, provide enough decking area for a family to relax alongside, shape your pool to maximise swimming area and lastly suit the garden setting – all factors that will transform your property's functionality and, lastly and importantly, appreciate your biggest asset.

Looking at this space prior to a call
Looking at this space prior to a call to Cascade Pools, it was hard to believe you could even swing a pool toy there, let alone add an attractive family swimming hole.

Essentially, wherever you are in the country, Cascade Pools will tailor your pool to suit your lifestyle and your property.

Call us at Cascade Pools today 0800 227 223 and we will send someone round with a tape measure and quotation form. Alternatively, head online here to find out more about turning that awkward space into a just-do-it playground for a realistic, finance-backed outlay.

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13 Feb, 2022

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