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Inspired by the Olympic torch and making visual reference to the Sydney Opera House, the 80-level Q1 apartment building soars high above the Gold Coast
View of lift shaft. architecture, building, daylighting, metropolis, metropolitan area, structure, gray, black
View of lift shaft.

Ensuring residents and visitors are able to move quickly and efficiently through a building comprising 80 levels was a key part of the design criteria.

In Q1 Tower, 11 lifts were designed and installed by Kone Elevators. Company engineers worked closely with the Sunland design team to prepare the design concepts for the project. An internal jump lift was provided to move the building trades through the building during construction. As machinery was too heavy to be lifted by the site cranes, a hydraulic lifting system allowed the jump lift to climb itself as the building progressed.

MX100 machine in lift machinery room. iron, machine, metal, motor vehicle, black, gray
MX100 machine in lift machinery room.

The observation deck lift and goods passenger lift travel at 9 metres/second, the fastest lifts in Australia. Residential lifts travel at up to 8 metres/second. By using Kone EcoDisc® gearless machinery technology, machine rooms have been kept to a minimum size. A double-deck, high-rise machine room allowed lift machinery to be housed within the dimensions of the shaft, saving construction time and freeing up space for uninterrupted apartment designs.

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Mar 24, 2006
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