Sweden's ICEHOTEL is open again

r azure, blue, computer wallpaper, fractal art, light, marine biology, organism, underwater, water, teal

This years ICEHOTEL in Sweden is just as cool as it’s ever been.Every winter, located in the village of Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden, ICEHOTEL is built and features works of art from an array of artists and designers.Each year around 200 artists apply to be part of the ICEHOTEL exhibition and over 2000 blocks of ice are harvested – each weighing around two tons.Once the winter season is over, the ICEHOTEL melts away and to be built again the following year.Have a look through some of the sculptures and pieces involved in 2015’s ICEHOTEL.Photography by Asaf Kliger

Story by: Keelan McCafferty

18 Dec, 2015

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