Home Refurbishment

Refurbishment of an iconic former “Home of the Year” originally designed by Felicity Wallace architects.Involved new cabinetry and fireplace to the kitchen, living, dining and main bedroom, and refurbishment of the bathrooms.
Living Area refurbishment

The new gas fireplace integrates seemlessly with the new cabinetry, sitting on top of a floating plain concrete hearth. Read more

Open shelf storeage

The new window seat in the main bedroom includes open shelf storage under. Read more

Add a punch of colour to a bathroom renovation

Orange lacquered cabinet fronts bring a punch of colour to the bathroom, set against the more restained grey mosaic tiles. Read more

Living Room makeover

The new cabinetry uses a restained pallet of stainless steel, white & orange lacquer & solid oak. Read more

Kitchen Refurbishment

The kitchen island bench provides storage for both kitchen and living spaces. Read more

Bathroom refurbishment

Downstairs the new oak vanity contrasts the existing concrete material pallet. Read more

House Refurbishment

The new kitchen island bench is detailed as a floating cuboid element Read more

Storeage solution

Storage drawers are built into the new window seat. Read more

Living Room Cabinetry

The new living room cabinetry comprises of a horizontal & vertical unit, leaving generous wall space for hanging art. Read more

Bathroom Refurbishment

The oak vanity and timber floors provide a contrasting warmth to the cooler grey mosaic tiles. Read more

Kitchen & Living Room Cabinetry

The new kitchen & living room cabinetry brings clean lines into the existing sapce. Read more

Windowseat adds seating space

A new window seat provides informal seating to the dining table. Read more

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