Home hacks to make life with kids a little easier

From whiteboard wallpaper to dedicated table space, here are a few things you can try at home to make living with kids easier
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Read our tips to make life with kids easier

Whether it’s coming home to scribbles all over the walls or a mess in the lounge that would make a landfill manager blush – there’s no denying that living with kids can be a wild ride.To make life at home just that little bit easier, we’ve put together a few tips you can try at home.1. Transform your wallsEver walked into a room to find your child’s artwork covering expensive wallpaper or paint? It’s bound to happen – especially on rainy days when kids are cooped up inside. The solution? Whiteboard paint.As the name implies, this is basically just paint with the properties of a traditional whiteboard. After laying down a few coats, you’re left with a surface that’s impervious to the manic scribblings of your child. Just make sure they understand this is the only place to do it!2. Give them an activities table in the loungeLego, play sets, crayons and other toys are a common sight in any home with kids. To avoid the pain of stepping on sharp Lego pieces, give your kids their own activities table in the main living area. This also helps to avoid messy mistakes on the carpet or sofa. It’s win-win!The main thing to keep in mind here is ordering a table that works for them and putting it somewhere accessible but out of the way.3. Place a clock in the kitchen or hallwayOne of the better habits to instil in younger children is good timekeeping. Hanging a large analog clock in the kitchen or some other high traffic area of the home helps to give them a sense of how much time they’ve got left to get ready for school or finish their homework.4. Give some thought to home accessibilityIf you had an older parent moving in, chances are you’d think about how easy the home is to use. Why not do the same for your kids?In the hallway or their rooms, ensure coat hooks are easily accessible. In the kitchen, make sure they can easily access the rubbish bin. It’s also a good idea to add adjustable stools to bar areas once they’re a little older. Products like the Arc Assistant 5 in 1 – a specialised high chair with storage – are another useful addition.5. Install carpet tilesThis tip follows on from our point about accessibility, but it’s worth explaining in more detail. There’s no getting around the fact that kids are messy creatures – at some point, there are going to be spills.To avoid ruining expensive floors, pop some carpet tiles down. You’ll almost certainly have come across these before. They’re coloured squares of carpet with a nonstick covering on one side that you simply pop down on the floor. Done!Feeling inspired yet? If not, take a look at our other advice articles in the Home section of our website. If you just want to look at pretty homes, use the navigation bar at the top of the page. Plus see what other people are saying in the Q&A section.


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